After two years of mentoring and a baby I'm trying something new.

In January I reflected on 18 months of mentoring, what I had learnt and observed from those sessions and now that I've passed the two year mark I wanted to do it again.

  • I've completed 65 sessions now, which is quite the increase from 37 in the first 18 months. Those 28 additional conversations also fit around the fact I took 3 months off for shared parental leave. Demand is up!
  • The mix is roughly the same, with most people looking for a one off conversation to help them figure out the next step in their careers or how to deal with a knotty problem in their current job.
  • It's still quite a lonely space to be working in - one of the reasons I joined the NPA board to help with their growth and further their reach.

Since I re-opened my mentoring calendar 3 weeks ago post paternity leave I have been bowled over by the number of people looking for help. However, as just one person I do have limits on my time.

I'm trying a small experiment to see if it changes the way people think about what they need from me and how they'll use the time most effectively.


Demand for my mentoring services is growing faster than I have time to support, so I am trying an experiment. When you go to book a slot, you will now be asked to 'check out', rather than 'book'. You will see this copy under the fee and a 'change amount' button.

A mentoring session is worth £80. Students, early career journalists and those who can't afford to pay are welcome to change the amount to £1. Honestly. (Stripe won't accept £0 unfortunately).

Those who can afford to pay, I trust your judgement as to how much that is.

I hope that this means everyone who needs help still feels it is available while also placing a sense check on booking my time.